We recognise that selling a property can be stressful. That’s why we’ve designed our step-by-step guide to selling to help make things easier:

Getting Market Ready!

First impressions count. Presentation is everything to prospective buyers so ensure the property is tidy, crowded rooms decluttered and the exterior is looking its best.

This will help increase your chances of a sale and in most cases reduce the time to find a buyer, while maximising the final sale price.

Although no two properties are alike, the sales process always follows a standard pattern:


Setting a Price

Our market appraisal of your property is based on a combination of experience, a thorough understanding of the local property market, and the value of comparable nearby properties which have sold recently.

We will do all we can to achieve you the highest possible price within the time frame you need, and will always give a detailed explanation as to why we recommend the listing figure.



On Instruction your agent will arrange all marketing material, teaser/promotional videos and an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) if required.

We also have various internal documents we ask for you to complete, such as a Sellers Questionnaire and Fact Finder form to make sure your home and plans are not misrepresented.



Once you have approved the details, we will then push your property out to our database of active buyers, all the most visited property portals and create paid marketing ads on social media, ensuring maximum visibility on your home.



Our partner agents accompany all potential buyers around your home to highlight all it’s best features, making sure no unique selling points are missed. They are then on the frontline, poised and ready to negotiate on your behalf.



We ask all buyers to confirm any offers in writing, this not only demonstrates their ability to purchase after completing the relevant documents, but also to show their commitment and intent to buy your property.

We will always liaise with you throughout negotiations to check that you are happy to proceed, and regardless of whether the offer is accepted or rejected, we will detail all conversations in writing, so that both parties have a written record.


Over To Solicitors

Once a deal is agreed, we write to all parties notifying them of the agreed sale price. Solicitors will then raise enquiries and apply for any necessary searches until they prepare the final report and are happy to proceed to an exchange of contracts.

Our partners will, of course, be providing updates to all parties throughout.


Exchange & Completion

Once completion dates are confirmed, we arrange to exchange the contracts with solicitors. A completion date tends to be 5 business days after to enable funds to arrive and all parties to arrange the appropriate help.

On the day the sale is due to complete, we check the funds have been transferred via the solicitors and once received, we can pass keys onto the next owners.

Want to know more?

If there's anything else you'd like to know, just drop us a message to talk with one of our property experts today.