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  • There has recently been a highlight on housing benefit tenants and their relationships with landlords in the news, with changes of legislation meaning that tenants are to receive their benefits to pay landlords, instead of landlords receiving the money directly. LHA tenants, just like any normal cross-section of the population will have some good…[Read more]

  • Lettings agents and landlords have been working together in the property business for years and have a mutually beneficial relationship. Of course it is up to the landlord how they want to market and occupy their property, but here are a few reasons to consider a letting agent. For one thing, they will help you [...]

  • When all other methods have failed and you have decided to evict a tenant, the laws are very clear on what you can and can’t do, and failure to play things by the book could empower your tenant in their case. Here are a few things to avoid: Threats Although this seems obvious, you would be [...]

  • As a landlord, there are many things you can do to protect yourself when considering a new tenant for your property, one of which is the inventory. Many landlords have found out the hard way that when they try to claim money from a problem tenant’s deposit, they have trouble with the claim as the inventory [...]

  • According to a recent report published by the Financial Times, the number of people who were renting privately in the UK increased by almost a quarter. While this is obviously great news for landlords and those in the buy to let market, it also means that proportionally there will also be an increase in numbers [...]

  • As a landlord, you undoubtedly had a tenancy agreement in place with tenants, outlining different stipulations in the event of damage or rent arrears. A tenancy agreement is designed to protect both parties, but as they can be complex the smallest overlooked detail can prove disastrous for a landlord. The following tips can help you [...]

  • The difference between section 21 and section 8 is one of the most asked when landlords are first faced with the prospect of tenant eviction . Sometimes they are unsure about the differences between the forms themselves and which ones they should serve to their tenant. They are both similar in that they are used to serve [...]

  • As a landlord, you will have many different areas in which you need to protect yourself. No matter how many properties you may own, landlord insurance is one of the most important things to consider. Landlord insurance is there to protect you if your property is damaged or anything goes wrong which can lead to tenant [...]

  • One of the things that most landlords experience at any time in their career is the refusal from a tenant to pay rent. Of course this is easily avoided by only letting to someone that the you feel is reputable and reliable, but even then unforeseen circumstances can mean that a once reliable tenant is [...]

  • Being a landlord can be a rewarding line of work to be in, but sometimes people underestimate just how difficult the job can be and the challenges that lie ahead. Converting your property to let out to tenants can be a lucrative move, but simply advertising the place and hoping for the best is not [...]

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