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Discuss all aspects of online property marketing including Search Engines, and Social Networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

Link Building

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    The Owl

    I hear and talk about social media all the time. It appears to preoccupy my mind to the extent that when I saw this article about Link Building on Search Engine Land I almost deleted it.

    But then, hang on a minute, is one not ignoring some of the fundamental basics of general site building and SEO? Indeed, I am pleased I read the article. ’21 link builders share advanced link building queries’ reminds us all of the importance of this practice.

    If SEO/SEM can be described as a train and the various elements as carriages on that train, we are all currently sat in the first class social media carriage. Have we forgotten that we need to go back to the buffet carriage for fuel from time to time and yes the buffet carriage is link building. More terrible analogies to follow.

    Anyway, it is a long article and some of it is a little tough going, but if you only find one useful piece of advice and act upon it (and that is worth saying again) and act upon it, then you will be better for it. One such piece of useful, simple advice aimed at the people sat in first class is as follows and by the way, please link to me :)

    Finding people who will want to share your content (…including linking to it…) can be much simpler if you know how to search quickly through the major social networks.

    * Linkedin: [ inurl:in “social media expert”]
    * Bebo: [ inurl:profile inurl:bebo “social media expert”]
    * CafeMom: [ “stay at home mom”]
    * Facebook: [ “led zeppelin”]
    * Flickr: [ “@gmail”]
    * Twitter: [ -inurl:statuses -inurl:status “social media expert”]
    * MySpace: [ inurl:myspace inurl:fuseaction “go to nc state”]
    * YouTube: [ “social media expert”]

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    Shanaka Thanapathy

    Garrett always come up with super articles.But im using lot of link building techniques last 5 years, but my personal experince much more different.This is Quantity vs Quality Backlink ?The bottom line for every link build is, get natural quality back links than tons of links in quantity – because volumes may not lift you up to the heights.Specially for property niche, Blogroll links have very very less valuve.


    That’s actually quite a comprehensive article. Rarely so.


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    I’m currently working on building lots of back links to my website. It is not as easy as I first thought. I have noticed some level of success. I haven’t started using the social networks as mentioned above, but that is my next area of development.

    Nice Job!

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    I must impress on all though not to be too cynical in trying to gain back links, social networks were not developed for this purpose, please do not abuse them as that is how eventually people drift away from them and they die, this is already happening to some extent with twitter as people begin to doubt it’s usefulness and start to get fed up with business seeming to muscle in :)

    We all realise the value of back links just go after them with care and thought for the communities hosting them.

    As an example of what happens, many technical forums have got fed up with people just link spamming – that is joining and posting comments in threads such as “thanks useful post” and nothing more in the belief that their link in the signature line is benefiting them when in actual fact it isn’t, and now nearly all forums either ban these link spammers and/or add rel=”nofollow” to the anchor which means Google will not index that link, that link therefore is Useless!

    Name of the game folks is EARN those backlinks. all forums/communities are generally fine with links as long as people are also making genuine contributions, they have then earned that link.

    We are happy here for people to add links but please do so with thought, as this is first and foremost a discussion community.

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    With have over 30 years experience of traditional estate agency and have just launched a new online business and we are still on a massive learning curve. We are just learning about back links, etc. and at this stage don’t really know where to start. There are so many marketing companies out there charging an absolute fortune so any tips, advice, etc. would be appreciated. It feels like that not only do you be experts in your own business but you also have to understand all about SEO, back links, etc, too or get taken for a ride. Thanks anyone who has any great tips.

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